BIOS updates and Macbooks

Hi, I have a macbook pro that I want to exclusively run manjaro on. Through reading docs I found out that its good to have an updated macos install on the same machine for bios and drivers ect. But I dont want to waste space. Is there a way to update these things without macos or do I even need to update them at all??

IIRC if you keep the recovery partition around you can use that.
(boot into it using the magic key combination … though I dont know if they even do those any more)

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Some has success in using Linux on Apple branded hardware and some has not. That depends on the age of the system.

Apple branded hardware may present the most obscure issues when running anything but macOS - issues which may be hard solve.

As one who have had bad experience with Linux on such hardware - my recommendation is - unless of course you are a tinkerer with a nag for solving problems or you can live with it - you should keep macOS as is.

Quote Mac - ArchWiki

Warning: This does not apply to more recent macbooks (intel). These are only partially supported. See here for technical and this for user focused information

Installing Arch Linux on a MacBook (12"/Air/Pro) or an iMac is quite similar to installing it on any other computer. However, due to the specific hardware configuration of a Mac, there are a few deviations and special considerations which warrant a separate guide. For more background information, please see the Installation guide and UEFI. This guide contains installation-instructions that can be used on any Apple computer whose hardware is supported by the Linux kernel. Please see ‘related’ pages (on the top right of this page) for model-specific tips and troubleshooting

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