Bios setup wont show when secure boot is disabled (Just a black screen with a white mark)

Hello. I tried to dualboot windows 11 with manjaro on a Acer Aspire Laptop. Bios CMOS setup wont show when secure boot is disabled, i’m greeted with a black screen with a white underscore at the left top. I suceeded to fix that problem by deleting the grub efi thing. And i enabled secure boot. I trusted grubx64.efi into secure boot settings. When i boot into grub, i’m greeted with an error.
error: prohibited by the secure boot policy
entering grub rescue.
I really want to install manjaro so please help.

Manjaro doesn’t work with Secure Boot. (At least not by default, and it’s hard to install and maintain.)

It’s probably a GPU drivers issue. Can you access a TTY when the cursor is blinking?

Hello, the cursor is not blinking. I’ll try to record what happens.
Before recording, ill explain better.
When i try to go in my bios after i installed manjaro and his efi partition (grub) i can’t acces bios and i only get a black screen with a white underscore.
What is a tty?

Some systems exhibits the behavior you describe - when secure boot is disabled the system won’t show the firmware - this is a vendor generated issue - you should get in touch with Acer.

What you describe to me is a hardcoded hardware lock from your hardware manufacturer. IF it stops working when you disable a BIOS option. Maybe it is a bug and is fixed in a BIOS update. Maybe it is on purpose and you can’t do anything. Maybe you should open a support thread on the manufacturer website.

I’ll try to see if there is any BIOS updates.


  1. Update MCU to MC0806EA_000000D5_000000D6, M22906EA_000000D6, MD0806EB_000000D [[…]]








12.9 MB

I’m in 1.10, should i update?

Why do they do this?

Wait, i disabled secure boot, went into grub and everything is working ! i’m on manjaro rn and bios is still accessible.

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