BIOS boot splash



Wouldn’t it make more sense for the manjaro logo to be the M rather than the A?


If you didn’t notice the Station X and the lines above it are aligned with the M of the manjaro logo and if i would erase the M and put the logo in there it would make the logo itself smaller and by that needing to scale down the font and the station x logo and the lines and everything else so it would look as good as the first one, but by scaling down the font, it would be harder to read it don’t you think?, but i will try to do it when my monitor starts working like it should and fix the first one, inkscape and gimp take a hell lot of space,specially inkscape, they just waste so much space.


a few hundred megs wasting space = I assume you have an older machine/drive ?
Not trying to say you cant have such feelings … its just that these applications are MUCH smaller than their adobe counterparts and fall to a lower weight tier than some browsers. And hey, they are production tools and deserve to have a bit of meat to them.
… I suppose I just find the term ‘waste’ here to be somewhat misplaced.



I like the first one, with all white and without the stylized M.


I didn’t mean like HDD space usage, i meant the waste of space in the UI, just take a look at this. The only thing from adobe that i like is Photoshop but only the older versions because the new ones ask for you a monster pc in my perspective.The only feature that i really want for GIMP is an automatic boundaries layer feature so you don’t have to be selecting and croping the layer(just like photoshop obviously) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I think you already have the layout designs, and to remain consistent and simple, this would make sense. At least for me. I had only 5 minutes for it. Even if is Sunday i still have to finish some other stuff. Cheers!


I don’t really get what you’re trying to say, but I would like the second one with a white M-logo in front of “manjaro”, the same height as the letters “m-a-n-r-o” and the stationx letters. And maybe with “powered by” instead of “in association with”. Just an idea.


Another one from the keepin-it-simple drawer.


Now thats nice, succinct, shows collaboration/overlap. +1
(I would understand if the SX folks might want their icon a bit larger :wink: … and maybe less vertically separate)


Your command is my wish :grin:

(Btw, the smaller sx logo in the previous one is meant to be a kind of a superscript as in “manjaro to the power sx” signifying that it takes manjaro to the next level.)


@muser Would it be possible to have Manjaro Spitfire instead of Manjaro Station X ? And maybe the logo and font larger, so I may adjust it and resize it to a lower resolution if needed …


Made 3, used dejavu sans, like more the 2nd one but i haven´t found a good separation for the station x logo,i´ll update them if i find it.

EDIT: NVM found it



Now I almost feel I want to recall that grey for ‘stationx’ under this last rendition

manjaro spitfire
(maybe smaller font here)
-- (Powered by?) StationX --

[functionally combining these last few]

Partially just because I figure SX might want to be specifically named


Assuming you replied to me, is this something you meant?

BTW, you’re getting suspicious with all of these “what sx people want” :grin::grin:
Admit you’re their undercover agent :grin: :grin:


If only I could have such employment :blush:

[Hey stationX! - dont you need an overseas rep or something ?]


@muser: I like it. I’ve to check if powered by is what we want. Maybe make that font smaller and use the StationX logo with font and place it under Spitfire

Manjaro [       Spitfire       ]
        powered by [  SX Logo  ]

Brakets are only to show the size I think of. But it looks great mate.


Ok, so I made one without the “powered” (I get that it could be a little tacky).

And this is with powered, in case you decide to go that way (the only change I made to your guide is that I didn’t fit all that powered by under the spitfire, because it would have to be streched out too much.


Thx @muser. Will give it to review now. One of these will be added to the BIOS. They look all great.


Throwing in some ideas.