BIOS boot splash



Hi community,

we are currently working on the design of our splash screen for our Notebook. Our current design is as followed:

The AMI Bios supports 800x600 for EFI and 640x480 for BIOS. The background has to be black. Logo and font can be 256bit coloured. Format has to be BMP.

So if the community has some other design purposes we are open to consider them. Logos can be found here: StationX, Manjaro-SX, Manjaro


I understand your commercial needs, but how much users will see this?


Those who startup the Laptop.


Since yall are working on that fancy BIOS thingy it’ll have nice options like "Show Splash Screen - Y/N"
Right ? :innocent:

Otherwise my input is that I have somewhat mixed feelings about the icon size/placement - it kind of confuses the assumed correlation. Of course we all know which one is for manjaro and which SX - but it pangs my minds eye a bit. Somewhat related is a similar feeling about only the manjaro icon being grey versus other icon and text.


Looks kool. Do we have such a splash screen for the rest of us?


Here is a short video with the current process on our bios works.


That right now is defenetly to much of everything. The placement is also not good, because it seems that the stationX logo belongs to manjaro, while the manjaro logo belongs to stationX Our current Manjaro logo is to “blocky” (or boxy? :joy:) to be used in “In association”-cases, kick that out.

Next you have to see whats the “why should a user buy it”-factor. Is it because of the Hardware OR is it because of the preloaded manjaro? I’d say its because of Manjaro. So So it needs a Manjaro touch. It also needs the StationX branding, because, well its a StationX machine. and I think they require that one?

The last point is that the UEFI-Logo will be used by Windows 10 as boot-logo. (If anyone installes win10 on it). So

So bla bla bla… I’d go with simply this:

or this

or something alike. keep it simple


StationX has the following branding for now:


this looks bad. i agree that it needs a change badly!
any of your suggestions or @Tids suggestions are fine with me.


For the Manjaro Edition we can change the logo as we want. Ours is just a first draft. I’m open for ideas.


In that photo reflection you look like a Borg!

Manjaro Rollin’ … Resistance is Futile.


That is Darren from StationX and not me :wink:


All Borg look alike to me… :slight_smile: .


keep the original black/gray logo one, smaller, no colours, it’ll boot FASTER !


I don’t get you here at all. This is the splash of the BIOS and doesn’t do anything for boot speed. We are brainstorming what to use.


ok, then I’ll go with Tids post above then, kiss.


Few additions here.
In EFI mode it seems that we have no way to reach the bottom corners of the screen for F2 and F7 key information, since the 800x600 image will be centered on a screen with 1920x1080 resolution …
Or is your plan to use BIOS legacy mode, @philm? In that case we have separate files available for where the F2 and F7 hints are now, aswell as for the intel logo, that we could also replace with something else …


The BIOS has only a fixed space as of now. We can’t go higher than 640x480 with 16 colours for both modes. Legacy has extra pictures for those hints. In EFI mode those are not used at all. With given knowledge I rather don’t want to blow the size of the bios-file as we might then brick the prototypes we both use.


How about these (manjaro squared stationx)

without that “blocky” logo


Made this, i like the one without the logo, and the @tids idea, the thing that is bugging me out of this design is that the station x letters aren’t in a good position because of the “J” of manjaro, i’ll try to balance it so it looks better and change the F2 part font so it’s more separated, but in the moment you can say if you like it or not :wink:.