Binding Win-keys (Super L and Super R) in XFCE

Default XFCE bindings for the two Win-keys are:

  • Super L: Whisker menu
  • Super R: Application menu (right-click menu)

These bindings are just fine, except these keys are modifier keys, and should not trigger events by themselves until they are released. Unfortunately they trigger the events when pressed.

This blocks the use of the keys as modifiers.

As an example, I want to bind Super L + Up (keypad) to Tile window to the top, and similar for the other tilings and directional arrows.
This does not work because pressing Super L pops up the Whisker menu, thereby removing focus from the window I'm trying to tile, and no tiling can occur.

I need Super L to trigger the Whisker menu on release, or I need to remove the Whisker menu binding altogether.

Now, there is a problem with removing the Win key bindings: I can't find them anywhere.

  • In the Keyboard shortcut settings, both the Super L and Super R are set to xfce4-popup-whiskermenu - but this is clearly not correct, as pressing Super R provides the Application menu.
  • In the Window Manager keyboard settings, the only binding involving Win-keys is Super + Tab that is bound to Switch window for same application, which obviously won't work either, because the the application in which the window switching is to occur, looses focus when you press Super L. Pressing Super R + Tab doesn't help either as Super R produces the application menu, and Tab just removes it again.

Basically this means that the bindings are made somewhere else than in the Window Manager settings and Keyboard settings.

Two questions then:

  1. Does anybody know where the bindings are configured?
  2. Does anybody know if it's possible to bind key press and release separately?

I guess here:

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No they are not. These locations are correct in Xfce. However, the thing with Super is an old issue that has been on the forum several times. E.g.:


Thank you, @Marte and @firefightux!

The xfconf location is indeed where all the keyboard shortcuts I set from both the Window Manager/Keyboard settings and the Keyboard/Application Shortcuts are stored, but the problem I experienced is that those settings are not functional - or one of those settings at least; the Super R is somehow bound to the application menu.

I found the @kwg solution earlier, but didn't recognize it for what it was, as I was too focused on finding the configuration location :crazy_face:

It is a bit of a mystery though, as my Super R is still bound to the application menu, and it's not configured anywhere I can see. Anyway, it's a good binding, so I'm all right (but still itching) :slight_smile:

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