Bind caps lock to backspace?

Hey folks, I’m new to Manjaro coming from the Mate version of Mint.

In Mate and old Gnome 2 there is a keyboard settings option for changing keybindings.

Way back in the day I decided to map caps-lock as an extra backspace key and now for better or for worse I’m stuck with it because that’s the only way I can type frustration free.

I really like XFCE but when ever I try a distro with it I have the hardest time figuring how to easily replicate mapping caps to backspace. I know a lot of vim users map caps to esc. Currious how people are remapping keys as opposed to creating application shortcuts.

Anyone know the easiest way to remap caps to backspace or something similar?

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

This wiki page might be useful for you:

Thanks for the response TriMoon,

It looks like that wiki link leads down a similar path to something I found to work at least on the live USB.

won’t let me post a link but it’s askubuntu question number 1029520

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