Bin/yt-dlp lurking in my Home folder

Hello forum!

It just came to my attention that an unfamiliar bin folder with a yt-dlp file has been sitting in my Home folder since February.

This is a python 3 executable script, which starts with #!/usr/bin/env python3, seems to link to some yt_dlp/YoutubeDL/pyUT and apart from that it is unintelligible.

I already have youtube-dl installed from the manjaro repos.
I do not have yt-dlp installed at all (I checked with pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.10 and python -m pip list | grep ), nor can I recall trying to install it.

There’s just this strange bin/yt-dlp, sitting in my Home folder.

I removed it and youtube-dl works fine.

To me it almost looks like something that failed to download half-way.

Even if it came as a dependency for another package, wouldn’t it be somewhere else?
I doubt I would create a bin directory in my Home folder, when I’ve already had youtube-dl installed and working for the past 6 months, but who knows, maybe I was trying to troubleshoot something.

Could this be something required by a package?

If you don’t know how it got there
and only have a date
that tells you nothing

how would anyone else know? :man_shrugging:

delete it if it bothers you
and be done with it …

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Yeah, you’re totally right, I only posted this on the off-chance that someone else has seen it.

And it’s also so peculiar with this obfuscated code, that I thought maybe we could just have a laugh about it.

I don’t think it is “obfuscated code”.
… a pre-compiled binary perhaps …
But I’m not a coder - not python or any other language …
I just don’t know.

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