/bin in the $PATH variable when installing KDE Edition via Architect Installer.

As the title says, /bin is in the $PATH variable on plasma-desktop and everywhere in the desktop (Konsole and other terminals, all the shells- zsh, bash etc). This is causing apps like Netbeans to not start as the startup script requires to be launched from /usr/bin/ instead.

I know that /bin should not be in the $PATH variable and that is the case when I’m ssh-ing into the machine or running echo $PATH in a tty. See below-

Running echo $PATH from Konsole inside Plasma Desktop-

~ >>> echo $PATH                                                                      

Running echo $PATH from tty2-

~ >>> echo $PATH                                                                      

Couldn’t find anything relevant which would cause the bug in .zshrc, .bashrc, .bash_profile etc files. Also this bug only happens in architect installation (kde full + zsh shell). It doesn’t happen in regular install from KDE ISO, even after manually installing zsh with manjaro stuffs.

So this is definitely an Architect-only bug.

Any help is appreciated.

Best regards.

Depends how you did the search and if you connected the dots. :slight_smile: Se here:

The /bin folder is completely normal and on Arch based distributions it is symlinked to /usr/bin.

~ >>> echo $PATH

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