Big temp difference in Linux & Windows playing a Steam Game

I play MO2 & Pax Dei, botrh say 195ish F when I play either. The air blowing out the side vent would be HOT vlowing out & it feels warm to me, not hot??? The games is not jerky so I am confused.

What software does report the temperature?
In case the senso says the temp of the CPU the temperature of the air would naturally be lower…

PSensers, the air coming out the side was just warm not hot. So can PSensers be misreporting>

you “feel” it is hot when it should not be?
you “feel” it is not as hot as it should be?

What are you confused about?

What is different than what it should be?

Sorry, the air coming out the side vent of the case does not feel hot, just warm. If PSensers syst 195ish F. it should be to hor ro rouch right. Plud, the games aren’t slow.

Well, no. Heat and temperature are two different things. Your CPU is small relative to the volume of air used to cool it, so even if it’s getting to 90°C/195°F, it’s not going to heat the air to that temperature.

These days modern CPUs generally go to around 90-100°C as standard boost behaviour, so what you’re seeing is not unexpected.

As to any difference between Windows and Linux - my bet would be that you’re reading two different sensors. For example, on Linux you may be reading a hotspot sensor, and on Windows you might be reading an average. It’s kind of hard to know for sure, but if you haven’t tinkered around with any software overclocking stuff (e.g. AMD Ryzen Master or Intel XTU), the boost behaviour should be exactly the same.

As long as getting that hot won’t damage my CPU, I have AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor & a Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler (65mm, Brown) to cool it. It says don’t overclock with that cooler & I am not as far as I know. Unless that feature was on by default on my motherboard, GIGABYTE B550I AORUS PRO AX (AM4 AMD/B550/Mini-Itx/Dual M.2/SATA 6Gb/s/USB 3.2 Gen 1/WiFi 6/2.5 GbE LAN/PCIe4.0/Realtek ALC1220-Vb/DisplayPort 1.4/2xHDMI 2.0B/RGB Fusion 2.0/DDR4/Gaming Just that temp was in each CPU Motherboard). That temp was after both CPU spots in PSensers.

The 5800X in particular is known for running hot. I have one myself with a far beefier cooler (Noctua DH-15) and custom power limits and it can still hit over 80C. They are designed to boost until they hit 90C and then will start throttling, it is normal behaviour.

I think that the motherboard you mentioned ships with PBO as on by default. PBO is AMD’s “enhanced boost” behaviour, and is kind-of an auto-overclock.

So you may be overclocking it a little bit. It shouldn’t hurt the processor though.

Ok, judt to be safe, *I am getting a ID-COOLING IS-55 ARGB WHITE CPU Cooler Low Profile 57mm Height CPU Air Cooler ARGB 5 Heatpipes 120x120x15mm Slim Fan, CPU Fan for Intel LGA1700/115X/1200; AMD AM4/AM5.

@Edward78 Just as a note, I would be very surprised if that cooler makes much of a difference. The major issue is that you appear to be restricted to low profile coolers and may have PBO on, because I think it’s default on that motherboard.

If you want to be safe, make sure that PBO is turned off in bios. This will disable the auto-boost behaviour. However, even with it on you wouldn’t do any damage to the CPU; you’d just run the fans very hard.

With rhe fan I have they day don’t overclock with it. Hopefully the fan coming tomorrow will fit. Sugo SG05 could ship with a better fan infron though. Disanled Performance Boost Overdrive & soc something OC, no change. I use to have a MB, on the right s8ide of the screen, it described what that option did. That was a nice thing to have.

I actually built a PC in an SG05; it’s a decent enough case. However, I’m surprised at your choice of coolers; I looked into the NH-L9x65 and decided it wouldn’t be a good fit due to the proximity of the PSU obstructing the airflow. The same may be true of the ID-COOLING IS-55; I’m not sure (it sounds like it might be a bit shorter?). But it’s definitely the case that the SG05 in general is not an appropriate case for high-power CPUs.

So in summary - it might be that your CPU cooler was choked of air, in which case the new one might help, or you might be better served with something very short (I personally used a NH-L9i, but the CPU it was cooling was somewhat lower power than a 5800X).

The fan will make no difference IMHO. Either get a much better cooler or don’t worry about it. As said before, your cpu is designed to hit those temparatures.

My personal experience - I originally built this this system on a 5700G (also 8-core) when gpus were still too expensive. Later swapped to a 5800X and RX 6800. The thing that most surprised me was how quickly the 5800X would hit 70+ even on my cooler when just opening a web page.

Again. It is designed to do this.

But I’d prefer it didn’t so after much experimentation and benchmarking I came to a happy medium where it works as I like. This is a 1-2% hit on single core performance vs better multi-core and lower temps. I’m not going to give instructions on how to do this this because if you can’t find these settings in your BIOS then you shouldn’t be messing with them.

PPT/TDC/EDC = 120/80/120, Curve Optimizer = -10 All Cores

I take no responsibility. It Works For Me ™. If it breaks your cpu, sets it on fire, destroys your data, or summons Cthulhu, that’s on you.

I think its a placebo experience, if you really think there is a big Temp
difference then Monitor your CPU Temp under Windows for max Temp after your max long playtime (because your Tower is gettinger hotter and hotter when you don’t have a really awesome tower with good airflow).

If you have a PC speaker (or buy one for few cents from a PC Store/Shop) and go in your Bios for CPU Temp alert or System Temp (depends on Bios option) alert.

When you have for example on your CPU 80° or System 45° after several hours playtime or what ever is your max duration. Then at +3-5° to the Alert…

Play your windows games again and find out if your PC speaker’s make noises, if this is not the case then boot in Linux and play from there.

Windows is 90c also, it is 170ish F watch youtube vids., that is messed up. I have a Sugo SG95 also. The temp is 90c in both OSes a couple minutes after I start the game.

So you have identical temp, only when gaming it is different?

My points are still valid, if you can’t read out your sensors under Linux.

The temps are the same gaming in both OSes.

How should I read the temps?

They’re fine?

Everyone is saying the same thing: the CPU is boosting to its thermal target. This is normal behaviour. You’re also running in a very small case with potentially inadequate cooling, so you’re hitting the maximal thermal target quickly.

You’re not going to damage anything, and the exhaust temperatures shouldn’t be too hot because the relatively small CPU is heating a large heatsink and an even larger volume of air. You might get better performance in a larger case with better airflow and a better heatsink, but that’s the extent of it.

The bigger fan is helping.