Big problem with kali linux on virtualbox

Now I'm using manjaro kde and installed kali linux on vmbox

But I have several issues

1-ifconfig doesn't exist. I must run it with sudo to work! So i think something is wrong

2- I bought a 802.11n wireless adapter and installed driver on kali linux like what is said in this youtube video ( but not only this doesn't show up, but even when i use sudo iwconfig(because as i said i MUST use sudo to work) this device doesn't show up as well

3- I wanted to reinstall vmbox but everytime i install it, it will restore all the things

4- The device doesn't show up on ifconfig on Manjaro as well, but when i write lsusb it will show up. So i don't think it has something to do with the wireless adapter.

5- I'm really confused and no one can help me. Please if someone can, I'd appreciate it:)

This is probably something that you would want to ask the kali folks instead of here. Without checking my best guess would be you don't have /sbin or /usr/sbin in your path. Also ifconfig has been mostly replaced by ip at this point.

That isn't really how it works with VMs. kali won't see your actual adapter it will only see a virtual adapter. You need to set that up on the host(Manjaro), once you do that networking will "just work" in kali. Alternatively, you could try to pass the device through but that requires special configuration and I don't know if virtualbox supports that.

I have no idea what this means. That being said, why are you trying to re-install virtualbox? None of the issues you are presenting sound like issues with virtualbox.

You should post a separate topic that is only about getting your wireless adapter connected to Manjaro. Once you get that resolved, then you can focus on the VM issues with kali. Focus on solving one problem at a time.

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Kali VM does not connect to network automatically.

After all it is a forensic tool and automatic network connection defeats the purpose.

Kali is based on Debian - so Kali forum it is - we are not here to troubleshoot your Kali VM.

Please use the Kali web - they have a community too.

I have a 1st hand book Kali Linux Revealed - if you are interested :slight_smile:


Oh thank you for help
I'll check it out

thank you my friend
I just sent it there too:)

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