Beyond all Reason (Flatpak version) failed to start after Manjaro Kernel Update

This happend the second time now, that i had to reinstall the whole game, just after a kernel update from Manjaro.

I get a error message from the Launcher:

Spring failed with code 21

The App Image runs fine. I have a feeling this is nvidia driver related.

I see this Flatpak is installed and unused:

Anyone can help me out, how to force the game to load the newest nvidia flatpak (nvidia) update?

Or how else i can fix this error?

There must be a bug in Pamac, he no longer won’t check for Flatpak Updates.

Work around, Open Terminal and use command:

sudo flatpak update --system


Found and downloaded… but in the Pamac GUI… Nothing, not even after mirror Updates.

Game is running now.

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