Better bluetooth drivers

Ok so I’m new to manjaro coming from windows, I do have some experience with linux but I can’t solve this specific problem I have. Simply put my bluetooth does some random thing whenever I have both my head phones and xbox series x controller connected. To be more specific sometimes it disconnects my xbox controller and does not want to reconnect to it anymore, keep in mind the head phones still work, other times both get disconnected and unless I reboot the system bluetooth does not connect to anything anymore! On windows solution would have been simple reinstall divers or install other version of the drivers that work, here I could not find a way to do that as I did not find other drivers and I found an old post that said drivers are integrated in the KDE and if you remove them it takes with it dependencies that are required for other things like wifi too. I want to know if there is a solution like other drivers or some fix that I can use for this kind of problem !

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