Best way to install Drupal

I would like to run Drupal on my Manjaro laptop, I could not find an easy way to install it so I followed the tutorial on the forum for setting up LAMP, this worked very well. I have also downloaded Drupal and saved the files as suggested.
I don’t know what to-do next, I have found some instructions on ARCH wiki but don’t know if they will work on Manjaro without some tweaking.
I am slightly above novice level with Linux, I can find my way around and sort out minor problems but I would be lost with a major or complex problem.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

It is in the community repository. Use pamac to install or in terminal

pamac install drupal

You don’t have to scour the internet for software installers, this isn’t Windows. Whenever you want to find software, open Add/Remove Software and search. You can also enable Snap, Flatpack and AUR support for even more options.

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Do not use sudo with pamac.

It should just be pamac install drupal or sudo pacman -Syu drupal.

Or OP can just use the pamac GUI.

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