Best Way To Backup A 2TB M.2 Drive To A 4TB Internal HDD?


How would I backup an entire 2TB M.2 drive to an internal 4TB HDD drive?
I would assume I would boot from USB, but then what do I do?


This thread may be helpful:

As a “one and done” to migrate the files over? Is this only data, or to be used for the OS system files?

If it’s only user data, you can run rsync as a one-time migration to copy everything over and preserve permissions, ownership, metadata, etc.

Something like,

rsync -a -v -H -h -xx --progress /path/to/mount1/ /path/to/mount2/

Include the flags -X and -A if you want to preserve xattrs and ACLs, respectively. (Though I doubt you’re using either.)

Use the -n flag to test a “dry run” to see what rsync will do.


Is there something I can use on the live Manjaro KDE USB with a GUI?
I wish to boot off of USB and backup 2TB M.2 drive to a 4TB HDD.
Let me know, thanks!


Something like this? Clonezilla live

What are you trying to do?

Is it a one-time migration of your data?

If so, I shared an idea on how to use rsync which will effectively do this in a single run.

Or are you trying to make a cloned image file of the drive itself for archival purposes? (Or to be used later)?

Or are you trying to setup a normal backup task of your home directory, with your NVMe as the source, and the HDD as the destination?

Your initial post and followup replies are ambiguous.

There are GUI frontends for backup tools, such as BackInTime, DejaDup, Grsync, etc.


I want a full backup of my 2TB M.2 OS drive that can be restored in case of OS failure.
Is there an app I can use on the live KDE USB to do the above?
(I would do this backup monthly)

Let me know, thanks!

That’s the primary purpose of Timeshift.

You can select your 4 TB HDD as the destination for the backups and snapshots.

As for backups of your home/user data, don’t use Timeshift.


Ok, so I boot off of the Manjaro KDE USB
Open “Timeshift” and select 2TB M.2 drive as the source and 4TB HDD drive as the destination?
I have other things on the 4TB HDD drive that I don’t want erased by Timeshift though.


Why are you booting off a live USB to do any of this?

Why not setup a Timeshift schedule (monthly) in your Manjaro system?

So backup can be done when the OS is running.
Would I need to boot off of USB to restore the backup.

I’m becoming more confused with each post.

From what I gathered, what you’re looking to do is “standard” with Timeshift.

You let it make regular snapshots/backups of your current system, and if anything goes wrong, you can restore from a live USB.

Why try to go a different route, unless there’s a miscommunication?

I looked at Timeshift.
It only backs up system files.
I would like to backup the entire drive including personal files.

Can you recommend something else with a GUI that works well with KDE?

Have you tried looking at this recent thread: Backup software advice?

Did some research and found below:

Is Clonezilla a good app to backup a drive?