Best way forward going from nvidia to amd

I recently decided to change my video card from an nvidia 2070 to an AMD 6650XT and I wanted to know the best way of going about it. I run a dual boot and I havent logged into my Manjaro boot after changing video cards. I remember when first loading getting version specific for nvidia drivers but I want to try out the AMD side since I hear Linux works better with open drivers for games and I want to see if this is going to improve things for me. Most of the games on steam that people say work in Proton did not work for me with the 2070.
Should I wipe my Nvidia base OS and reinstall with AMD or is there something a bit simpler that I can just work through?

The AMD driver is already there.
Just boot the OS, it will probably detect and ’ just work’

Then remove the nvidia specific drivers with the settings manager or console:

I recently changed to AMD and removed the nvidia components first but when I think back this probably wasn’t needed.

If it fails you already have a plan, reinstall.

You could try to get a tty and fix it from there either ctrl+alt + F5 or chroot.

Either way you will learn something :slight_smile:

Remember to secure data you need first

Ok, I will give it a try. I just wasn’t sure if the nvidia proprietary OS version I downloaded would run into some issue or not.

I’m not aware of a propriety os version, there is a choice in the installer to start the OS with the non-free drivers that will load and install the nvidia closed drivers during installation. Is that what you are referring to?

You can get inspired from previous replies.

There is no such thing.

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When I downloaded the version that I currently have, it asked you if you wanted Nvidia proprietary drivers or open source AMD. From the looks of it they may have changed that format.

AFAIK there has never been such question for downloading Manjaro ISOs. Furthermore, both Nvidia and AMD have both open-source and proprietary drivers.

It would appear I saw it on the livecd option. I was just using it and it asked this question. Sorry for my confusion.

Make sure you have the open-source drivers installed and maybe switch to them first before you install the new card.
When I gave my old RX 580 to my wife and gave her old GTX 760 to our oldest son, her Manjaro did not ‘just work’ out of the box. I forget what I had to do, but I believe I needed a terminal to change to or install the open source video drivers.

It would appear I was being overcelous as it seems to have “just worked” lol.
Although I would seem to be running into a different issue now as the OS package manager is running into an issue saying invalid or corrupted package. Seems to be something to do with manjaro-keyring.

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