Beginning Manjaro Questions

Hello :). I’ve been using Ubuntu for quite some time now but recently installed Manjaro XFCE to give it a try.

There are two things I’ve noticed and have questions on.

When using OBS from the repositories I was getting encoder overload messages all the time. When I installed the OBS Snap package it didn’t seem to have that issue. I’m using an nVidia card with the proprietary drivers and I’m using the same encoding settings with NVENC I always use in Ubuntu where encoding works fine. Has anyone else noticed this?

My other question is about audio handling and I’m not sure if this is specific to the XFCE desktop or to Manjaro as a whole.

On Ubuntu when you plug in a new USB audio device the system automatically switches to that device as the default device. On Manjaro, at least with XFCE, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t do that and you have to manually select the device each time.

In addition to that I’ve noticed even when you select the new audio device as default, some programs such as Audacity don’t actually recognize it as being the default so you either have to specifically select that device in the program you’re using instead of just using the default audio device selection or you have to go into the Recording tab of the audio mixer and select the USB device as being the appropriate stream to record from. Does anyone have any feedback on this?

Thank you :).

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