Beginners Guide needs an update

Hi community,

some might know our Beginners Guide document, which explains how to start with Manjaro Linux. With the focus on Calamares v2.3 a whole section of that PDF file is now outdated. Therefore we need somebody to update that section. You can find the current source here.

If you’re not familiar with LaTex, no problem. You can provide us the text in a DOC document or any format you like. However the screenshots should be matching your text effort. Take a look on how we did it in our wiki or in the current document to get a feeling.

We have already updated installation medias with a current version of Calamares. On the layout it shouldn’t change, so it is already good to do screenshots.

Feel free to contact us or answer to this thread if you want to help us out.


I’d like to take a “dry run” at this and have you tell me if I’m up to scratch for this. Honestly…I have no clue what I’m getting myself into this time :grin: but…the best way to see if the water is fine…is to dive right in hehe
:cherry_blossom: Melissa :cherry_blossom:


I’d like to help, but wouldn’t this guide be better if maintained on Git?

It is :slight_smile:

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gitbook attached to github account it can make work on a whole bunch people lots easier also have branches …

@ringosleeps: we can also change the format to gitbook. Simply somebody has to convert it :wink:

gitbook is just a Graphical front end, manage also Md extentions basicly… difference everyone can help with it like git

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just a silly question…does gitbook…cost? If so, maybe a free alternative?
Just being sunday-busy here, dont mind me :slight_smile:
:cherry_blossom: Melissa :cherry_blossom:

its from github so its also the same rules as github , cost no money… only you ned attach the account to it…

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Are you looking for help for the translations too?

also people can fork with gitbook and make branches of language.

I could try to translate in italian language…

Umm…who gives the signal to start? Like that guy with the gun at the olympics :wink:
:cherry_blossom: :smile_cat: :cherry_blossom:

Start regarding what? The request is now open since several months already. Most likely somebody can start to write a guide on our wiki and we will adopt it later on to the PDF document :wink:

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Sorry, you know I am not a geek.
1- There is a DOC file I can download and translate and edit; remove English and replace Persian. Right? (by LibreOffice)
2- After completion where should I upload it?

This is already solved. We have someone taking care of it. Latest release of the document can be found here:

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It’s just in English. Is there a need for translation?
I mean if you can track users (by their IP address) and there is more than 10 users I am ready to translate to Persian.

When the document is finished we start translating it to French. We will see when it makes sense to translate it also to other languages. Let us polish it first.

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[quote=“philm, post:18, topic:5597”]
When the document is finished
[/quote]Never mind - see update at bottom.
Is it cooked yet?
I see that there’s a "readme-16.08.pdf " which is the “User Guide” but apparently only for 16.08.

I did not see a similar file for 16.10 in “candidates” so is it still being edited (‘cooking’) for 16.10 or is it ready for review?

UPDATE: Manjaro-16.10-rc2-User-Guide.pdf is in the “candidates” …
I have no idea how I missed that … Must be BLIND.

Sorry for the noise, :blush: .

I didn’t read this article… but I just installed the Gnome Edition, and notice that “The Guide” doesn’t even have an icon! Of course I’m not using Manjaro defaul icon sets (very ugly IMHO) but Gnome/Adwaita one. Should that be addressed?
Cheers :slight_smile:

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