[Beginner] Is it possible to use the UI/Layout of the Manjaro themed Konsole on other Distros?

Hey guys,

pretty straight forward question and: If it indeed was, how could I achieve that?

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Hi @Slyfer1.

Well, both Manjaro and Konsole are open-source, so I’m guessing so. You can find the artorrk here, I think:

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Hey there Mirdarthos,

Thanks for chiming in! You’re absolutely right. I’m a bloody beginner so the more important question is probably how I could achieve that? Thank you for the link :heart: Any chance you have some further advice on how to install it? :see_no_evil:

Just found that out. Copy the .colorcheme file to In ~/.local/share/konsole/:

cp <file/location/.colorscheme> ~/.local/share/konsole/ 


  • <file/location/.colorscheme> is the file and you’ve just downloadded; and
  • ~/.local/share/konsole/ is in you $HOME (~ is a Linux alias to your $HOIME`)
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What are you talking about exactly, because I think you’re talking about the ZSH theme/config, not the Konsole color scheme (which you can find probably in /etc/skel/ after showing hidden files, that you can then copy locally to your Home folder). I think you would also need the zsh-theme-powerlevel10K package too.

//EDIT: so on Manjaro Konsole uses ZSH shell by default, so to reproduce Manjaro’s Konsole, you’ll need the manjaro-zsh-config package and its dependencies (which include the Power Level 10K theme and other stuff), and you need to configure Konsole to use ZSH shell, and you need to have the local ZSH config file that will make use of Manjaro’s configuration for ZSH.

Not sure it will be an easy thing to do for you as a noob.

Oof! Yeah, that sounds indeed like something I couldn’t achieve currently :joy: However, what @Midarthos said worked as expected. However, @omano is right, that this only changes the color theme, not the way Konsole ‘behaves’. But that’s fair enough for now haha.

Thank you guys!

But maybe you know a way to install Manjaro’s default global theme “Breath”? Any chance I could easily apply/find that?