Beelink SER5 5600H - is the Manjaro edition actually dual boot with Windows?

I ordered a Beelink SER5 5600H mini PC. When I turned the computer on, the Windows logo showed up. My first thought was that I got the wrong model, so I emailed Beelink support. I am currently awaiting a reply.

A second thought occurred to me: is it possible that this model was set up as a dual boot with Manjaro already installed?

If anyone out there knows whether this is the case, please chime in. Also, if this model is shipped with Windows and Manjaro installed, what key do I press on startup to get into the boot menu?


I went into the boot menu to see if the machine was shipped as a dual boot, and it is not. So, it seems I got the wrong item.

Which one did you order?

There is the SER5 Pro 5600H and the SER5 Pro 5600H Pre-in Manjaro.

I ordered the 5600H Pre-in Manjaro edition. This is why I was confused when the machine booted to Windows :slight_smile:


As noted in the edited OP above, I went into the boot menu and there is no second OS installed on the machine. Beelink just shipped me the wrong model. I’ll mark the issue as solved.

You can ping @spikerguy to give you the link to the ISO it normally should been flashed with. Hope that will help you. We will check with Beelink on that one.

Thank you for the quick reply, my next post was going to be a request for the Beelink optimized ISO!

Well, normally it shouldn’t happen but it seems it did. Beelink normally should have pre-flashed some devices for us. @spikerguy will get in contact with you and sort it out. Use a Balena-Etcher, zap it on an USB-stick, decide if you want to keep the Windows install on setup and get Manjaro installed. Since it is an OEM ISO you will setup the user on second bootup.

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