BbxBang and PacBang - Minimal systems using Openbox

BbxBang - a PacBang clone

PacBang is well known to some of you.

So Carl Duff - where ever you are - and @mandog thank you for your efforts.

For a long time I have wanted to make something similar - running on the latest Manjaro kernel.

Two versions

PacBang and BbxBang now uses same PacBang theme. The only real differences now is Arch or Manjaro - tough choice - I know.

  • PacBang based on Arch
  • BbxBang based on Manjaro




The basic Manjaro system has been stripped down to an absolute minimum getting as close to PacBang as possible. In fact I used PacBang ISO as a template - also keeping the static root menu (applications is a pipe-menu) - nice links to basic configurations.

  • alsa sound
  • conky stats
  • dmenu launcher
  • firefox browser
  • lxerminal terminal
  • nitrogen wallpaper
  • tint2 panel
  • xed text editor
  • xreader pdf reader
  • gpicview picture viewer

Besides the bare necessities mentioned you will need to add your personal touch - your favorite applications, media player and codecs - what ever you fancy - using the pacman :ninja:


Network is now Network Manager - this increases the overall memory consumption slightly from ca. 100MB to ca. 135MB.


Direct download from OSDN

Sources is migrating to OSDN. ISO, checksum, torrent and signature is available at

Available based on either pure Arch or Manjaro

A word on installation

The BbxBang ISO uses Calamares for offline installations.
NOTE: The Architect app cannot install BbxBang.

A word on drivers

The ISO only has drivers from the package xorg-drivers.

That means the drivers for your WiFi or your graphics may be absent. The best you can do is to tether your phone using USB and then install the drivers you need.

If you install in VirtualBox - remember to

  • Use VBoxSVGA driver
  • Add the the virtualbox packages after restart
    • virtualbox-guest-utils
    • $KERNEL-virtualbox-guest-modules
    • enable vboxservice.service

Sources on OSDN


That looks very tasty indeed, Carl was actually inspired by me we had many heated exchanges on the concept of openbox finally Carl tried my way and it was awesome he was still a Manjaro dev at the time.

After he departed from Manjaro he drifted a bit, We caught up again and Architect was born along with Pacbang it was a instant success with users.

Great coder was Carl sadly he has gone off the radar I do hope he is well.


Looks good, but I do have one question...

Why??? :astonished:

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Why not? It has a maintained code base - active development - it is secure - like others it doesn't require much resources.

It was a choice between Netsurf, Midori and Palemoon.

Netsurf does not render the Forum well and Palemoon is lighter on memory than Midori.

But you are right - I could leave it out - using just elinks.

Just curious. Especially after the :cow::poop: and attitude of their devs towards OpenBSD and other distros.

I’d have expected Midori for this reason and it’s much lighter and fitting for the spin IMO.

Either way, your spin, your choice. It’s very nice regardless of Palemoon :+1:

I thought I would try some else for a change.

Palemoon dev has registered trademark. The owner of that trademark has strictly forbidden use of that trademark - if you change the source code.

You are free to redistribute with the Palemoon binaries intact. You are free to change the source - but doing so implies removing the Palemoon reference - it is not hard. That is what those discussions was about.

BSD developers changed the source - and wouldn't remove the trademark.
An AUR maintainer changed the source - and wouldn't remove the trademark.

I have read the threads on it - I agree the communication was not ideal - but the legality - you cannot question it.

It was/is the same issue with Debian and Firefox - they had to change all Firefox references to - was it IceWeasel?

You are correct.

I find links to be better than elinks. It can run in terminal in text only or in its own window and display images also.

Some people understand only such kind of communication, but that's off-topic.

I will try your ISO when I find some time. :+1:

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I will checkout links :+1:

It is also being more actively maintained in the recent years.

I have not been investigating text mode browsers before. And the ones I tried I launched from terminal.

I found that links includes a binary for X.

Also trimming further down on the desktop packages - removing palemoon and other unimportant stuff - resulting in a leaner ISO.

Together with the new zstd compressing algorithm building an ISO takes less than 6 minutes on my system - that is an improvement.

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Looking good!

Thank you for making the theme :slight_smile: I didn't know you were a Manjaro user

We go back a few: Manjaro LXDE 17.0.2

I indeed helped out with the launch of something I believe you may now maintain. Let me know how I can help.



The spicing of terminal has been removed - it caused garbled screen when using TTY.

PacBang and BbxBang is now uses identical themes.

The only real differences now is Arch or Manjaro - tough choice - I know.


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