bauh (formerly known as fpakman) - A GUI for Flatpak and Snap management

@servimo, this flatpak / snaps runtimes are not managed by pacman / pamac. They are managed by flatpak and snap clients. So you will not have conflicts with pacman upgrading them with fpakman.

You can check / uncheck updates by clicking the green circle located in the right corner of the app row. If the circle is hidden means the app has no update available. In Snaps case, the snapd automatically upgrades your apps, but there is a "Refresh" option when you right click a snap application that can force an update.

If your search returns nothing, click the "Refresh" button to return to the main window.

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So, fpakman is not for install snap packages, it's only for updates?
I search for dropbox and it shows a (checked) flatpak Dropbox with an "X" by its side.

Will this client be forced upon us? Or can people who do not care about flatpaks or snaps(we have the AUR afterall?) simply ignore it? Will it come preinstalled?

If you hover you're mouse over the :x: it tells you if it's installed or not.

It's not installed. What to do if I want to install it?

Right-click, select install.

You can click on things. I promise nothing will explode. :grin:


but why there is no Snap to check? Am I missing something? I have Snap installed.

@servimo, probably there is no snap runtime installed on your system. Check if snapd is installed and enabled. You can do that by typing:

snap --version

If snapd version is returned as unavailable, you will have to enable it with the following command:

sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket

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Where is my head at Sunday? Of course I have it installed, but did not enabled the systemd service.

Now everything on fpakman is working. :slight_smile:

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Version 0.4.2 shows a popup to the user when snapd is disabled.

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I have no idea if it's because I login in my snap account.

BTW, I have not try the next version.

I installed 0.4.1 from pacman. Everything is woking, great~

@vfm90 when you start the application it minimize itself to the tray. Maybe start it in displaying the application when started for desktop file.

That was actually one of my annoyances I was going to post on github about. Hadn't gotten to that yet though. :wink:

Good idea! First time I started the app I doublechecked via terminal because I thought something went wrong.

@philm, I'm currently working on the app modularization. So fpakman will be only the management panel, and fpakman-tray will be the tray icon and update-check daemon. So, the desktop shortcut will be associated with fpakman only, solving this issue. But, in the meantime, I will try to make a small workaround to make this happening in 0.4.X.


Great. I currently test it on my end and we might use it for 18.1 as simple application to access snaps and flatpaks. With existing solutions like gnome-software our reviewers get confused to see 3 times the same application and don't know their origin.


Guys, I have just released 0.4.3.RC-1 for fpakman-staging. I added a separate desktop entry for the panel and tray. Give me a feedback if it is reasonable for now.



Why two? The tray thing is one thing. People expect to launch an application and not a tray only. You may pack that to autostart but give the option to opt out.

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@philm, the idea is to provide a quick workaround for 0.4.X. The entries are for the same application, but launched with different parameters. The first entry (fpakman (panel)) executes fpaman --tray=0, and the second just fpakman. But I will separate them in the next main release giving the user the option to install the tray or not, as you commented. The tray application is not just a quick shortcut to the panel, it is also a daemon that keeps checking for new updates. There are users that don't want this feature packaged within the application, and prefer to manually check (to avoid resources consumption). It will look like very similar to how pamac is modularized today, you have pamac-gtk and pamac-tray-appindicator.
Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that is only one app installed, with two desktop entries.

But I can let only the "panel" desktop entry as "fpakman" if the users prefer. I'm opened to suggestions, it's not a big deal.


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