bauh (formerly known as fpakman) - A GUI for Flatpak and Snap management

Why not call it what it is:
Flatpak and Snap Manager

That could be the description or title bar name, but you don't want to have that as the program name if you want to run it from the terminal :slight_smile:

...then call it fsm
Flatpak and Snap Manager (fsm)

edited my answer because this is development here.

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fapman maybe... :innocent:

"flapman" might be better?


Version 0.5.1 is out in AUR and PyPi. It fixes the flatpak dependency problem and has decent performance improvements. For the complete changelog ->

Since most users want the panel as the default behavior, now the fpakman command only opens the panel. To open the tray you must specify the param or env variable (--tray=1). For the AUR installation, it also creates a fpakman-tray command to make this call easier.


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@vfm90 how about Curator for the app name? Couldn't find any other Linux app of such name.


flanap maybe


Flatpak, Appimage, and Span manager - since Appimages will be added too. It's simple and to the point :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also use FASM tho also means this


@maxspice, it's a good name. I will think about it. I've been thinking in a more generic name like this one since the app will get more packaging extensions.



I would like to thank you all for the name suggestions, but I've opted for a different one. I wanted something short, simple and generic, so I chose bauh. "Baú" is a portuguese word for "chest" (the place where you can find your stored things and the pirates put their gold). I've just created a new repository for it, but I will be keeping the old one (but not maintaining it). Its first release is the same as the last of fpakman (0.5.1). It's already available via AUR.


Links below:

(p.s: fpakman and flapman will always be in my heart)


awesome choice!


Nice choice.
But why not just chest or appchest, if the former conflicts with some other Linux package.
This way would be meaningful for the majority of people :slight_smile:

I like using non-english words as application names, but why add the h at the end? Not a lot of words end with an H preceded by a vowel. It seems like something's missing. It actually reminds me of the German word "Bauhaus" being cut in two :slight_smile:

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Hi @skerit

I also like your suggestion!
Now I'm thinking about, bau is a better choice. A complete word and also... shorter

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No one is forced - you will not find yourself - after an update - having extra packages installed.

Yes - on official ISOs - but please differentiate between have the option available vs. preinstalled {flatpak,snap,appimage} applications.

The flatpak, snap distribution methods is available and activated on official ISO - KDE, Xfce and Gnome

On Community Editions?

This will be up to the maintainer.

I have nothing against the flatpak, snap and appimage distribution methods.

On the contrary - I see great use for them - on the other hand I have no need.

I maintain the LXDE, LXQT and Openbox - I have no plans defaulting them to flatpak and snap.

I will leave that to the end user - however - I do see reason in doing it on the official editions. They aim at users with less confidense in setting up support for those techs.

As a note on above: Those with confidense in setting up their systems can easily remove the support.


Hello guys,

I'm currently finishing bauh 0.6 that will come up in a few weeks with nice changes. In the meantime, I've just published a minor release (0.5.2) that fixes a theme / style problem found in some desktop environments (like Gnome) and also a resizing one that I've seen in some other Linux distros. It's already available via AUR and PyPi.



Any problems with this release, let me know.



Not sure if this was mentioned or not.
But this really needs an accurate download meter. With my crappy internet and the size of the flatpak platforms, it just sits there forever and I have no idea how long it's going to take.

Oh, I forgot. It's very resize happy. When you select or deselect updates or Apps or whatever. It's constantly resizing itself which bothers me. I resized it to a size I wanted but selecting any of those makes it shrink to a tiny little window (Monitor is 2560x1440).

But, it's looking nice overall. Really nice work so far. :grin:

Hi @Sinister, thank you for your feedback. Could you write this comments as GitHub issues ? I will see what I can do about them in the next releases.

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Sure, I'll try and get that done today.

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