Battery percentage

Hi everybody!. I have some problems with my battery. In the KDE panel icon says that its have 1:42 hrs of useful life, but with ascpi in console: 05:20:40 remaining.

Anybody with the same issue?.

I didn’t know ACPI reports remaining time for batteries.

But I would trust the KDE app instead of the ACPI value.

I bet ACPI just has some nominal linear calculation and the desktop applet some advance real time backward feedback algorithm.

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Battery life estimation is still an estimation, it can never give exact value as power consumption fluctuates from time to time. KDE stores the data in Energy Information setting and maybe it uses the data to interpolate the battery life estimation. ACPI may calculate totally differently, like simply dividing current capacity whatever current power consumption (if at this very moment the power consumption is 12W and the current capacity is 60Wh, then you would have 5h battery life left, simple math).