Battery indicator in panel showing incorrect charge level

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here as you can see the tooltio says battery is 41% but the icon in the panel does not looks like 40% battery, so everytime i have to check i have to move my pointer to it and see the actual charge in tooltip it’s annoying. any help ? Thanks In advance :slight_smile:

This something to happened because the software to the battery is different of the software present on the desktop, I believe.

Usually battery icons only change when the charge reaches specific thressholds.
Usually something like 100%, 60% and 30%, 5%.

So if if the battery is at 40’ish percent and it’s discharging, the icon would still be the 60% one, until the charge hits 30%, then the icon will change to 30%.

There are not 10 battery icons. Usually only 5 or so.

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As an alternative you can add a panel item “Battery Monitor” in xfce.
That one can be configured to show the percentage right next to the icon in the panel.

so is there any way to make it more accurate ?? like install some 3rd party applet ?? or i can download similar more battery icons ??

thanks it’s better & works great.

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