Battery indicator almost always shows its charging when its not

I have ThinkPad E14 Gen2 - Ryzen 4700u. Laptop’s light shows when its charging or not properly but indicator almost always shows its charging. It says power source isn’t strong enough so its discharging.
How can I fix it?

Please post your system info as outlined here:

Are you using the original charger and battery?

Yes. Both of them is original.

Have you seen this?

if it’s always,that’s weird,
if it’s while playing games,many laptops come with a not sufficient power supply,and rely on the battery to do the rest.
in my case(while i was using windows)when playing games,the battery would drop buy 10-20% or more,depending on the time i play.
(i have an Nvidia graphic card also in my laptop)

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It does it when I plug out the charger and it stays on that way till I shut it down and open it again. Im not playing any games.

imho this should not happen under regular use and something might be wrong with the power supply.
or maybe there is a program that sucks power for some reason.
I’m no expert but maybe check Htop or something.

Any updates on this? I am having the exact same issue with ThinkPad T480s. It’s a software bug. When I unplug the charger, the indicator LED turns off, only the system tray icon is on charging. On hovering the mouse over the battery icon, it says, “power supply is not powerful enough to charge the battery”. acpi command says “discharging”.