Battery charge slow when it's 80+

today i have a problem of battery that charge slow after 80+ , under 80 it’s charging fast but when it’s 80+ it’s charging slow.
and i switch to windows 10 and i check battery with HP assistant and they say that my battery need to calibrate !
but when i run acpi command it’s say 100% health.
please how can i know if my battery really have a problem & if it’s how can i do this “Calibrate” in Linux .

Thank you.

It is normal for the battery to charge more slowly.
(This is also what e-car manufacturers do, including cell phone batteries) :wink:

This only serves to avoid unnecessary wear.

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So i have a few other months in my warranty, can i return it to the seller ?

This behavior is not a bug. A laptop in continuous operation (with electricity) usually no longer charges more than 60% of the battery for protection.
So don’t be afraid. Is everything in the green area.

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