Battery charge limit to 80%, TLP alternative

Hi all,

Is there a way to limit battery maximum charging level to 80%,

I am using an Apple converted to XFCE and kernel 4.19 is the only stable one I can use. Apparently TLP does not support this hardware kernel combination.

Is the an alternative settings manager or an app to set battery charge to 80% on XFCE? I read KDE has it in advanced power management, I hope XFCE has something similar.


How did you check whether “apparently” means “actually” in your case?
I do not know whether tlp should work with your hardware or not

The site you linked says this:

Battery Care Vendor Specifics — TLP 1.5 documentation

For all laptop vendors/brands without charge control options the output of
tlp-stat -b
looks like this:

Battery Care Plugin: generic Supported features: none available

I’d check
before going to look for a different solution.

These power management solutions are usually desktop agnostic - like tlp …

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Thank you for the advice

I put the tlp-stat -b and have the “none available” output

I read here that slimbook battery is an alternative option

I will try this

there is the option to calibrate and recalibrate your battery. howto’s and wiki’s give enough advice how to do it.
calibrate the battery to the state you want will fix and fit your demand.