Basic tiling feature for Deepin

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently installed Manjaro Deepin on a virtual machine and it’s great! I really love it!
The only thing that would prevent me from switching is the lack of window tiling shortcuts (like those in Ubuntu). I looked it up and the only thing I could find about it was this exchange from April on this forum :

I did find a solution though: x-tile. It allows you to integrate the tiling features in Deepin. I tried it out and works like a charm. You can find it in the manjaro repo as “x-tile-git”. It’s a little tedious to add a shortcut for each tiling option, but in the in end it’s totally worth it.

Do you think it would be possible to add those shortcuts by default in the coming releases of Manjaro Deepin?

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Post your config, please!

Add the following shortcuts in the control panel to try it out:

Name: Split horizontally
Command: x-tile h
Shortcut: ctrl+alt+h

Name: Split vertically
Command: x-tile v
Shortcut: ctrl+alt+v

If those work for you, you can continue to add other tiling shortcuts. You can find them all by typing “x-tile -h” in your favorite console.

I ran into an annoying issue though, my windows aren’t completely filling their entire grid space. I can bypass this issue by maximizing my windows first and then tiling them, but that doesn’t work for more complex grids like 4x2. For some reason the windows aren’t resized to fill their grid space. I am running manjaro deepin in a virtual machine for the moment. I hope you can give me some feedback on how it behaves in your environment.

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I just tried out another tile manager, called quicktile. You can find in the AUR repos under “quicktile-git”. This tool works closer to the way tiling works in Ubuntu.

You can try it out by typing “quicktile -d” in a console. Then do ctrl+alt+<1-9> to move your console around the screen. I find this manager more intuitive than x-tile.

But again, the window doesn’t take all the space available, unless you maximize it before tiling it. It is a really weird behavior …

I continued testing quicktile and it actually works perfectly with non-deepin programs like Firefox, Chromium, etc. The problem occurs only with Deepin programs for some reason. They all keep some extra margin around their windows.

And I’m definitely switching over to quicktile, it is a way smoother experience than x-tile. You can find more info here:

I once added bspwm session to my Deepin install. I got the same issue with Deepin apps opened in bspwm. They just don’t have tiling shortcuts as a priority. Their solution is to grab a window and drop it on the left or right edge of the screen. Then it maximizes on that side. This would usually be enough tiling for me. Some day they might integrate a keyboard shortcut for this.

Check out, what @oberon wrote me some time ago

I see, it’s good to know the problem lies with Deepin and not with the tiling managers or my virtual machine. Hopefully they’ll add the tiling shortcuts in the future. I’ll continue using quicktile till then, it does the job.

thanks for the quicktile suggestion – using it now :slight_smile:

Just a hunch, but it might be a GTK3 issue. Drop this file in ~/.config/gtk-3.0 :

It might or might not work (if I understand your predicament correctly), but it was made to solve similar issue for bspwm edition. When gtk3 started to prepare for Wayland, they started using client side decorations and stuff. This means that applications draw shadows for their own windows instead of letting the compositor do it. In gnome this caused no issue, but in bspwm the windows had 15 pixel empty space around them. This is the space that window reserved for drawing its shadow. This configuration file tells gtk3 applications to stop doing that.

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Hello @ll,

I’ve found out a simple solution in the current 17.1.10 Deepin DE:

  • Start the “dconf-editor”
  • Search for “toggle-tiled-left” or navigate to “com.deepin.wrap.gnome.mutter.keybindings”
  • Set own value, for example: ['<Shift><Control>Left']

The same solution works for the right side.


That worked! Thanks a lot!!

Now I am curious…related to tiling windows, don’t you all have the same problem I describe here: Deepin snapping windows ???

I can only put one window to the left or right of the screen each time and I have to untile before “stacking” another window on top of the previous one. This wasn’t always like that, was it?

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@eugen-b Now you will be happy!!!

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This Worked for left and right thanks a lot but was looking to be able to divide the screen like i3 every time you spawn a new terminal but automatically. Btw how to set the toggle for upper and lower parts too?

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