Basic questions about Plasma - noob here

Hello there. It’s completely noob questions, but I’ve got too accustumed to Cinnamon. I’m trying KDE but I’m a bit lost for now digging all the sub-menus for configuring… Sorry by advance, I’m sure there should be numerous posts or wikis about it. :flushed:

First (I know there are posts all other Internet and even on the old forum, but as Plasma updates regularly, I’d like the up-to-date method) I cannot achieve to activate by default the numlock at boot. I’ve numlockx installed, I guess I have to enable it somewhere… And in the System configuration, the numlock at Plasma boot is activated but it doesn’t work for now.

In Konsole now, I’d like to have my bash username in bold, in the same way as I have in Cinnamon:

Cinnamon KDE

I’ve looked and the .bashrc files are the same. Do you know which setting has to be modified, in .config/konsolerc or in my Konsole profile?

And lastly, on each update annoucement by @philm, there are new KDE/Plasma versions & features. Are they included directly in the OS (via System configuration menu?), should I enable or download the ones I want by some way?

Thanks in advance, I’m really a Plasma beginner.

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System settings > Hardware > input devices > keyboard > Hardware > Numlock on plasma startup > turn on

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Thanks, the setting is already on but the numpad is desactived at each reboot/logout.

Open your your /etc/sddm.conf in the editor of your choice, and make sure that you set the value for NumLock to “on”. :arrow_down:


Then, in System Settings, select the following… :arrow_down:

Hardware → Input Devices →NumLock on Plasma Startup

Make sure your keyboard is set to the correct model ─ it’s on the same page. If your keyboard is of a different model, select the generic 105- or 104-key model, depending on what keyboard model is appropriate for your locale.

You may need to log out and back in again before the changes take effect. In fact, because of the changes to /etc/sddm.conf, it is best to reboot, even. However, don’t reboot from within Plasma; log out and do it from the SDDM screen.

Add the following to your ~/.bashrc and/or to your ~/.bash_profile:arrow_down:

export PS1="\[\e[1;32m\][\u@\h \w\]\$ \[\e[0m" 

You will need to log out and back in for this to take effect.

Whenever there is an update for the branch that you’re on, the new features will be available to you after updating your system and rebooting.

Some may be enabled by default, insofar only as that they are completely new, but features that affect any settings you’ve changed away from the default setting should not normally have any effect and would need to be manually applied. But the option to do so will be there.


There are also git - versions of KDE that Manjaro as active helper of KDE Plasma offers in its repositories. Phil also mentions them in the announcements. Those versions are in-development versions that are not meant to be daily drivers.
The features of those git-versions are coming to the regular KDE version after they got released officially. If those new features in new regular packages are enabled by default or not depend on the individual feature.

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Very important words here! :point_up:

Exactly as Cinnamon, ni + ni -

Thanks @Aragorn, the /etc/sddm.conf was configured on none by default.

I had no luck yet for the batchrc but I understood the PS1 behaviour. I’ll look in Archwiki and co to make it work.

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Merci. I’ll continue my Plasma journey.

You need to log out and back in after making the changes. :wink:

By the way, the filename is .bashrc ─ spelling is important, because computers are picky. :stuck_out_tongue:

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if you are a kde plasma user
you might find this UI customisation awesome
make your mac friends jealous


I’ll post my screenshots elsewhere on the forum later ─ there’s still deliberation going on about a dedicated forum category for that ─ and I don’t have a dock like in macOS, but this is what my Plasma desktop looks like. :wink:

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to get the dock
it is in the add software section

I know about Latte Dock, and I’ve experimented with it in another distribution, but in all fairness, I prefer my setup of the lower panel as in my screenshots. It’s a better match for my workflow. :wink:

I only mentioned that I don’t have a dock ─ with the zooming icons ─ because there is such a dock in the video you posted, and because the macOS look & feel usually involves a dock, while in my setup, I’ve chosen not to use one. :wink:

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