Basic question about the AUR

I use Manjaro GUI for Add/Remove software. I select AUR and search for sagemath. It tells me that sagemath 9.5.rc0.r0 is available to install.
But when I look at Arch Linux - sagemath 9.5-2 (x86_64) it says there that the official 9.5 is available.

Is Manjaro AUR different from ArchLinux AUR? If so, how to then tell it to use the ArchLinux AUR which has more up-to-date version of sagemath?

ps. why I can’t paste a .png screen shot here? I get error about can’t upload media

There is not such thing. AUR = Arch User Repository.

sagemath is the Arch community package, sagemath-git is The AUR VCS package. Just install the community repo verison.


“Just install the community repo verison.”

Well, I want to install sagemath 9.5 as it says in the link I posted. But as I said, use Add/Remove GUI is telling me a different version is available at AUR.

Why is that, is my question. I wanted to paste a screen shot showing this, but I am not able to do so.

Sorry, scanned your post too quickly. That’s in the Manjaro testing and unstable repos: See Manjaro - Branch Compare and Switching Branches - Manjaro

It’s Arch repos, not AUR.

sagemath-git is a VCS package, which version is generated automatically after the compilation and is just a latest commit from git so this version label means nothing more or less, it’s always the latest development version.

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