Bash completion not installed by default on stable

this is in my .bashrc but bash-completion was not installed with my fresh stable channel install.

[ -r /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion ] && . /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion

should that be the case, or do they not depend on one another?

also, on kde, i think manjaro-settings-samba should be installed by default alongside samba kdenetwork-filesharing.

I thought zsh was the default Manjaro shell now.

What? I don’t think so, though zsh looks like a charm on manjaro! :sunglasses: It has all the advanced features preinstalled.

Only in Gnome edition.

Add in Openbox, LXDE and LXQt

The line is not an indicator if it is installed - it is a conditional - if bash completions is installed the script is sourced - otherwise not.


thanks. it should be installed by default though?

Why? It is a convenience - not a necessity.

It is not part of the basic manjaro-system. It is included if the maintainer of the profile deems it useful.

You can check the profile - it is not included.

You can easily install it if you like

sudo pacman -Syu  bash-completion

I don’t even use bash - I use zsh with a custom theme - but the manjaro zsh configs are really - really good.

If you run kmscon - you can even get that fancy theme working on the console too.


ya i installed it, but i didnt have to install it before. also, how is zsh not a convenience?

bash is a shell - zsh is a shell - fish is a shell.- which one you prefer is a matter of preference.

shell completion is a convenience - but it is not a necessity.

zsh is a convenience over bash, its not a necessity, and is made default on 3 spins. its new to me that bash-completion isnt installed by default. why check for it if its not installed by default? why make this less usable?

Even the hundreds of themes on oh-my-zsh can’t compete with it.