Base image for manjaro

In windows os, we have got sysprep. With sysprep, we don’t need to setup the whole machine from scratch, only need to enter user name and some simple variable… and the whole windows is up and running.

I have heard in linux also got such thing… it is call ‘base image’ creation.
How is that goes about ? I am curious… if not that hard, then why not i just do a base image and whenever system get damaged (somehow) , i just reinstall using the ‘base image’ with ease and speed.

You mean this: Windows Sysprep. Well, we call it here OEM install. We have some ISOs we provide to our OEMs to have Manjaro preinstalled, but the user has the option to enter his username and password afterwards on first boot. However, those images are not available for the general public.

You can easily create your own base image using the manjaro-tools.

Even easier - setup your system - then use clonezilla to create the image - use clonezilla to restore when necessary.

Hii, Please tell me which manjaro-tools to use.

I use clonezilla, but with clonezilla It is not meant to install onto my friends’s computer…
I believe all linux distro should have the ability to create a base image … i can’t believe linux is not as good as windows os in this aspect.

When you said: we can easily create our very won base image using manjaro-tool… What is this tool or process called ? any Term ? so that other people understand me ?


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It’s actually a set of tools that lets you do things like a custom install, etc.

For installing it:

sudo pacman -S manjaro-tools-base

One of the utilities that this package provides is basestrap

I would try a search on this forum (and probably on the legacy forum) to look up for basestrap usage examples.

You can create your own base image of Windows - but you are required to some sophisticated tools and you are not allowed to distribute your base image of Windows - so installing that on your friends computer is a violation of Microsoft copyrights.

Linux != Windows

You can read up on the wiki articles on how to use the tools - there is even a couple of videos

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He’s been quite the help vampire at linuxquestions(dot)org, too, with 110 help threads:

Hi, but why this is not available for general public. I would like to make those installations for a project called “2nd live for computer”. At the moment the only linux that we can use for this is ubuntu or linux mint. These distributions has the possibility für making oem installations. But I would prefer manjaro linux becausa I am a great fan of this. I’ve posted this topic already in the german section of this forum here: Rechner mit Manjaro vorinstallieren