Bannerlord with War and AI Tweaks

Really itching to play some Bannerlord after being gone for over a year.

One of the major things recommended to get a plethora of mods to work is installing dotnet472 and dotnet48 via protontricks.

I learned how to install dlls to prefixes to get some Guild Wars 2 mods to work successfully.
(For a reference for other that may find this thread the concept of prefixes and modifying them clicked when I read this mod authors instructions on getting his radial menu mod to work for Guild Wars 2 here)

Whether I use the protontricks gui or the cli force command the install it always fails. I get the dialog box to accept the dotnet EULA, I accept, it downloads, and fails about 30% into the install and the reason for the failure is blank.

What I have found is instructions similar to this across steam and protondb:

“To get mods fully working, swap to Proton 4.11, DELETE the Proton Prefix, Run the game then use Protontricks to install dotnet472. Swap Proton to any newer version (7/Experimental or Hotfix), Run the game and click “no” on the error prompt. Quit the game when on the main menu, install any mods that previously were installed that didn’t work. Then run the game. (Make sure you enable the mods in the launcher)”

" Game runs fine with no tinkering, however most mods cause an infinite loading screen, rendering the game unplayable. I managed to fix this by:

  1. Setting the proton version to 4.11-13
  2. Deleting and regenerating the prefix folder
  3. Using protontricks to install dotnet472. Without Steps 1 & 2, the install failed, but changing the proton version allowed it to fire correctly. Command used: protontricks 261550 -q --force dotnet472
  4. After dotnet472 finished I set the proton version back to experimental and left the prefix folder in place, mods were fine after this! :)"

Multiple sources have specifically stated to delete the prefix after initial install, change to proton 4.11, install dotnet, then revert back.

For some reason, 4.11 is literally the only proton version that, when selected in the games compatibility options, does not trigger a download indicating that it actually changed the game to that proton version. The game also fails to launch the launcher.

Right now Im at probably 10 hours of research trying to figure this out, so to the forums I go.

I can get the game to start. The game works with a few of the mods installed. As soon as add a more complex mod creating a new campaign or loading a previous one fails with no clear reason as to why. The exception error thrown just references to base game modules and does not even indicate a mod being the offender, despite knowing the mod is the offender.

Anyone familiar with any of this, or how to get dotnet to install as intended?

No, they say change to Proton 4.11 then delete the prefix and regenerate it.