Baloo_file has many core dumps in the journal


After running jorunalctl -p3, I did noticed that baloo_file have many long core dumps in it. I checked this on my other PC, but that had these core dumps too.

See the log here: pastebin

try these comands:

$ balooctl disable
$ balooctl purge
$ balooctl enable

it’s been discussed here previously on the forum so you might find more info.


Thank you for the detailed answer.

Of course, jorunalctl -p3 shows everything in the journal. But it shows that I got at least one baloo_file core dump per day since 2020 september…

May linub’s answer will solve this.

try to use journalctl -p 3 -xb so it’ll show all the errors in the current session.

Oh, It seems like I was too lazy to use the language checker :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah, I know this but thanks. Bty, your commands was the answer. Looking for baloo_file I didn’t come across what you described. Thanks!

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