Badge incorrectly applied?

Hello. Not really something important, but I got a message that I got the badge I know this one! .
I think I am supposed to get this when solving my first topic, but I have no accepted topic solutions yet, so could I have got the badge. So why did I get the badge? Is it maybe because somebody applied a post of mine as solution and then reverted that?

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Yes, most likely. The badge was awarded 10 hours ago, soon after you had participated in this thread, which has now been marked as solved:

It's possible that the original poster at first mistakenly marked one of your posts as the "solution," but then marked another post as the "solution." The badge was immediately awarded when your post was marked.

Eventually, one of your future posts will be marked as the "solution," and the badge you just received will no longer be in error. :slight_smile:


Meh, badges..........


Ah right that makes sense.

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For what it's worth, I sometimes mark a post as the solution when the original poster neglects to do so.

So for instance, Newbie posts a question, Experienced User replies to it and provides for the solution, Newbie says "Gee, thanks dude, that worked!" and subsequently abandons the thread.

Being the eternal altruist that I am :angel:, when I come across a thread like that, then I will mark the post from Experienced User as the solution. It is one of those Divine Powers™ that we of the TL3 Elite Upper Caste Of Manjaroos have, and that mere mortals do not. :laughing:

(And then along comes a moderator, or even He Who Until Very Recently Was Under No Circumstances To Be Pinged™ ─ alias the Goat Herder himself ─ with even more inter-dimensional power. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ah ... just don't wear the tee out in public until ... you know. :face_with_monocle:


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