bad appearance/display of kde apps under XFCE

Manjaro XFCE 19.02

How is it possible to enhance the appearance of kde apps(nomacs, Gwenview, Kwrite) under XFCE?
Oddly Kdenlive, seems not affected

Example Nomacs in its "dark theme", menus aren't viewable



try to play with kvantummanager
personaly I do not mix qt and gtk (kde, gnome)

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Sadly the reverse, running GTK applications in KDE works much better.

kvantum is definitely the right way to go with Qt applications in a GTK environment though. Fantastic utility.

I had problems in both where I had gnome and KDE under one account. In KDE especially the settings were broken.

yeah, never do that :smiley:

KDE and Gnome applications are different - but this is not the cause of your issue - your issue(s) are caused by your theming.

If you want KDE apps to have a decent look

  1. Use qt5ct to define the use of Kvantum
  2. Select an appropriate Kvantum theme

It should go without saying that you may need to adjust your GTK theme and the Xfce window manager as well.

I can give you an example for Openbox where the theme must be set using five (5) different applications

  • qt5ct - activate qt5 theme
  • kvantum - select kvantum
  • window manager obconf
  • gtk2 - lxappearance
  • gtk3 - xfce conf

Yeah that is the reason why I prefer gtk, most DE are based on that, otherwise I have to go deep to multiple settings as linux-aarhus mentioned, which is pita for me :slight_smile:
Standalone KDE/Plasma is great, full of features and lots of programs one rarely needs to install some gtk programs coz KDE has everything.

I do and I have no problems. I just set the 'Style' to gtk2 in qt settings (if memory serves, it's been a while). :slight_smile:

There's a difference between a full DE and a gui toolkit (or a program using such a toolkit).

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This is very interesting, I didn't know. I believe these ought to be brought into Manjaro-Hello.
kvantum, solved the issue

"KDE and Gnome applications are different - but this is not the cause of your issue - your issue(s) are caused by your theming."
You are very right, users are focused on having apps that do what they want, they are not driven by some environment and hoping to find an app that can perform what they want.
Otherwise, there ought to be repositories by environments

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