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Just an FYI, Back in Time is looking for new developers and is not actively maintained. I still use it as it still works great, however I did purchase Baqpaq from TeeJeeTech who originally developed Timeshift (now maintained by Linux Mint developers). It works in a similar manner and is designed for user backups, however it does not have the advanced settings like Back in Time does.


Does Baqpaq gracefully handle the “run backup task when USB drive is plugged in”?

(Not just “gracefully”, but also considering the “available device vs available mount path” conundrum.)

No, it has no option for that. However, it does support crontab schedules, so maybe it could be done that way? I’ve never really used crontab much, I prefer Systemd services if I can.

Timeshift is really nice. But data is usually stored on the same drive. It works superfast if your filesystem is BTRFS. In that case, btrbk - Summary is a must have tool as it leverages it’s snapshot functionality and it’s send/receive functionality to securily copy incremental snapshots to other drives (or remote destinations and you can even automate to do this whenever you connect a USB drive.
No fancy UI unfortunately, but good documentation and easy to read config file.

It seems the “manually, on-demand” method is less of a headache than trying to get working “automatically, when I plug in my USB”.

There’s probably a way you can make your own script that does it automatically after the filesystem gets mounted, but it might get too complex and convoluted for something that can be achieved manually.

…unless you select a different drive. :wink:

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Someone opened an Issue and pointed us to this thread here.

Just an FYI, Back in Time is looking for new developers and is not actively maintained.

This is nearly correct. But currently there are some new heads arround and a fresh team is forming but keeping the original maintainer “Germar” minimally as a consultant.

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