Backup single program for installation on new install/computer

I have an application that I use regularly that is no longer available in AUR nor the programs website (tiny-media-manager3). I would like to make a backup of that single program and install it on another computer.

I have tried searching for the file online and just can’t seem to find it, so this is the direction I am looking now. Honestly, it’s a simple idea that seems to be difficult in execution. I’ve been searching for an answer for a couple days, but I must be using the wrong terminology because I am not finding anything.

You may be in luck that you have the final package on the system. A command like this may yield if you are in luck

find /var -name 'tiny-media-manager*'

If the program was installed using the package manager - then In fthe folder /var/lib/pacman/ you will find a folder packagename-verions-pkgbuild.

This folder contains the metadata for the package including information on files and where they are located.

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You could get the source and the PKBUILD, but if the project is abandoned, changes in dependencies may introduce a breakage in long term.

Maybe you could use flatpak for a more permanent solution.

Hi @marriedman ,

Is it this one?

Because, on its Gitlab repository:

…there was a commit week ago, when i looked quickly. And the downloads page worked:

I also found it in the AUR:

$ pamac search tiny-media
tiny-media-manager-3                                                                                                                                                                                                                           3.1.18-1  AUR
A multi-OS media managment tool (v3)
tiny-media-manager                                                                                                                                                                                                                             4.3.12-1  AUR
A multi-OS media managment tool

So, are you looking for the program or its configuration?

v3 and v4 are in the AUR?!

v3.1.18 = Archiv Link are down${pkgver}/tmm_${pkgver}_linux.tar.gz

v3.1.14 are available…

Embarrassed to admit it, but I have never done that before. However, I made need to go that route if the other recommendations do not pan out.

The project still exists, but the major version change from 3 to 4 it has become a subscription based program. Version 3 does everything I want, so I am not going to pay for the crippled version 4.

I guess I should have been more complete in my description. Yes version 4 is available and can be installed via AUR. Version 3 is still listed, but the file is no longer available and the build fails.

I have found v3.1.18, but I don’t know how to edit the PKGBUILD to use it instead of 3.1.18-1. The “-1” release was the EOL build. I know it’s just a matter of a bit of reading.

Ooh, I got all excited for a moment! However the folder was empty except for a desc file.

From my understanding it is a java program - it may exist in /opt - if it does it is selfcontained - only requires a runtime - so you may copy the folder containing the app.

If not read the PKGBUILD and locate the files manually.

You could also look at the package in pamac details pane - it would also provide a list of files installed - and where.

If it is a java-program,

  • it may be a file with .jar extension
  • there may be a shell-script as starter

A jar-file contains the whole program and can be copied to any computer

  • you can start it with:
java -jar name_of_the_file.jar
  • or you can copy the shell-script :wink:

try to use whereis to find the program or its starter

This worked. From the file list, I copied over everything to a USB stick and moved it to another computer. Changed the executable permissions and it was good to go.

Thank you everyone for the help!


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