Backing up installed package lists

Hi all,

Over the past month I have had to reinstall the system a couple times. Luckily I had backed up using vorta (a gui for borg backup). I’ve managed to restore most of my stuff, but I find I still have to individually reinstall most packages like browser, vpn, various office programs. Most of these are through pacman but the odd one is from aur or flatpak.

I find this can be quite tedious although not the end of the world. But I was wondering if there is a way to backup these installed packages and avoid this hassle next time? Preferably just as a list to reference what has been installed


You can list explicitly installed packaged by:

pamac list -e

But you where not looking/searching? :wink:

I asked google for “manjaro list of installed packages”
and found

How do I get a list of all packages installed on a system

and (also within that thread)

pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki


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Wow thanks, that was super simple! I was just searching the wrong keywords…

ofc its inbuilt to pacman and pamac…

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