Azote wallpaper manager

Guys, I hope it may be interesting to those, who use a WM instead of a full DE. Especially to Sway users.

Azote is a GTK+ 3-based picture browser and a wallpaper setter, which works as a frontend to swaybg (Sway) and feh (X11).

Since the most commonly used desktop background browser and setter is aimed at X windows, I does not work on Sway. I thought to give swaybg a GTK+ UI. In order not to limit the program usage to Sway only, Azote is also capable of using feh, when running on i3, Openbox or other X11 window managers.

This video is a preview of the 0.0.1 release:

Thanks in advance for feedback and bug reports.

You may find Azote in AUR.

Project site:


Looks like a nice job. Well done. :tada:
You didnt even skimp on the features like split desktop.
The kids are gonna love it.

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Thanks! Still needs some work and testing, testing, testing. Did I mention testing?

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Just updated to 1.2.0, for now available in AUR only.