Awesome Experience

Just wanted to say thank you for this version of the OS its amazing!

I’ve worked with over 20 Linux Versions and nothing seems as rock solid and stable as your version of Manjaro.

Great job guys & Gals… :wink:


It’s called a Linux distro:

I too am partial to Cinnamon :wink:

Many distros have alternative versions to the main branch, but the terminology used to describe these offshoots are not standardized. Ubuntu calls them “flavors”, Manjaro calls them “editions”, and everyone else seems to invent terminology on the fly. I think it’s important to give people the benefit of the doubt in ambiguous situations.

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Perfect example of an elitist linux user. Could you not understand that when he said version it meant the same as distro?

Off course, but:

just sounds really bad, I think I tripped over it. @rtj503’s post was helpful in this regard.

Edit: I guess in hindsight my post wasn’t very welcoming.

That was good of you to add that edit, and so I apologise for being critical of your earlier post :+1:

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Lol, I’ve been a social worker for five years- I work with severely mentally ill people day by day- so I have become very good at reading in between the lines. I think it’s important to remember that most people are not being dumb or offensive most of the time. It’s absolutely possible to be both honest and (mostly) non-offensive. The nature of language is ambiguous, and it’s basically impossible to speak or write in an exactly clear and precise way all the time. Causing offense has its time and place, but ideally it should be purposeful rather than accidental. If we don’t take care to frame our thoughts correctly, we can be accidentally dishonest and cause offense when it wasn’t our intention. Considering how many people here dabble in programming languages, I think we can all appreciate how difficult it can be to describe things perfectly each time- even among well seasoned veterans.

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