Awesome edition 17.1.7 released


Manjaro community is happy to present the newest addition to our selection of editions, Awesome edition. This edition is a spiritual successor Awesome respin by Culinax. The aptly named window manager blurs the line between desktop and a window manager, and also between tiling and stacking window manager.

Unlike most tiling window managers, awesome features fully functional titlebars and full mouse support. Other features include automatically updating application menu, system tray and openbox style desktop menu. It is efficient to use with keyboard and effortlessly discoverable with mouse. While being the heaviest tiling window manager, it is still very light and snappy as far as desktop environments go. The full version also features xfce-settings-daemon, manjaro-settings-manager and pamac to provide you all the comforts of a full desktop environment.


  • Browser: chromium and links
  • File manager: thunar and ranger
  • ‎Terminal: urxvt
  • ‎Editor: mousepad and micro
  • ‎launcher: rofi, dmenu-manjaro
  • ‎Media player: vlc (full version)
  • ‎compton and compton-conf
  • ‎manjaro-zsh-config
  • xfce power manager
  • lightdm, slick-greeter

The stable iso is available for download here:

Support for touchscreen devices (phones,etc.)

Torrents is now up on SF, OSDN and Github. :slight_smile:


AWESOME! :smiley:


checksums and pkgs-list still coming?


Just downloaded and trying it in vbox.
Autologin doesn’t seem to work, after booting I land on slick-greeter. Then loading of the desktop takes ages… Again like with bspwm I see an error message about vbox modules not running.
Tbh, I am not sure if kernels newer than the LTS 414 are currently to be recommended…
Apart from that this thing looks GREAT !!! Thank you @Chrysostomus !


I have uploaded the awesome ISO also to our new OSDN location:


guys, I get this error with this iso and bspwm,

can you shed any light on what’s happening?
is it something that I’m doing wrong?
or maybe calamares?

sorry it’s a photo,


Yes. There is something wrong with the iso, and I don’t yet know what it is. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll see if using older kernel helps…


Okay, I did a change that I think might fix the issue. Rebuilding isos now.


Sourceforge and osdn updated


great news!
I’ll give them a go after work tomorrow

thank you


Torrent updated…
Please redownload it.


Testing it now, installer is working

Not sure Manajro-Architect needs to be there post installation. Will Test and report back in any unusual stuff happens.

Thank you so far all is good.


It’s mostly there because I like it and it is tiny. You can use it to install manjaro to usb sticks or other partitions of your hdd and stuff like that, so including it is akin to including imagewriter on some other editions.

It doesn’t strictly need to be there, but it is not useless on installed system either.



No worries I was just wondering is all. I’m glad to see Awesome on the community editions page. I just installed it so I haven’t used it completely yet.

I have it on my main Laptop and from the 2 hours I spent using it all was fine. I will be using it as a daily for a while for testing and will report if any bugs.


Where have all the (OSDN) seeders gone?


What do you mean by OSDN seeders?
The torrent is up on all locations (SF, OSDN and Github) and the torrent is webseeded from SF.
According to my torrent server the awesome torrent has 1 seeder and 37 peers, but not not use any of them.


ISOs hash is different from torrents. I tried to download from OSDN and then seed torrent but qbittorrent check hash for 1% and then is trying to download but there is 0 seeeders and any other peer is stuck on 36%.


My download takes ages (7 hours to be precise), I don’t know what is wrong. It is as if the file is being deleted while being downloaded.


Yep same as you its just gone from 20% back to 2% that is the torrent from SF,