Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



Couldn’t find icons the right shade of pink, ie, db7878 so i found some purple icons and switched it to black and lavendar-ish. Opened up the icons in gimp and swiped the code for the color. then adjusted accordingly with a98fc4


Playing with Fluxbox on Manjaro JWM:




current JWM
GTK 2/3 :Vertex Maia
Icon theme : clarity
JWM Menu Custom icons : AwOken
Wallpaper by me…


What’s the dock?


looks like plank. could be docky but im guessing its plank.


it is plank. Look at the shadows, compton doesn’t make shadows like that.
That’s gtk3 with CSD goodness (<--------sarcasm, i still hate gnome).


LizziAS and badbodh called it, it’s plank. I am using compton for compositing.


maybe stupid question but what|s name of that bottom panel and name of plugin with white-orange time, date and HW info on your desktop?


She just made a blind guess. I used the science of deduction by sheer logic.
I should get more credit.


I use plank. Didnt you see it in my screen shots?


Do you mean i3blocks?[quote=“rvc, post:132, topic:6835”]
My i3 after i3blocks revamp…


I mean that widgeds… Im kinda new to xfce (used gnome few years) and thinking how to add that weather widget (or dock?) on desktop


i3blocks is not for Xfce, it is for i3 WM.


so how can I add that please? Im kinda confused


If you want to switch to i3, see here


But you were confused between docky and plank. And you mentioned “guessing” clearly.
I drew my conclusion from my deduction skills. I did not guess.


it’s an expression.


You should try an icon theme called ACYL, maybe.


i wish these expressions worked on my school teachers. It’s impossible to score grades like that.


No whining allowed in the class room young man or ill break out my yard stick.