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after the latest updates, i went about to set the jwm menu [i used xdgmenumaker] still can say the icon customization is a work in process [JWM menu icon i am looking to find the apt or create]
thanks for view… :slight_smile:


@kainonergon @Holmes
In the above shot, i am still understanding the menu file to edit…

I was looking for a seperator in top & bottom of JWM Menu.
PLUS, i wish to push the “EXIT” below the xdg menu so that button is not visible to be accidentally clicked when browsing from Apps…
however i add the seperator, i get error when i run "jwm -p"
any clue ? or di i post my menu file ?


At the moment I don’t use JWM so I can’t test a separator, but I remember I inserted them earlier. Maybe you can try to manually add a submenu and remove -f option of xdgmenumaker


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didnt work out !
still wondering whats going wrong in the syntax…


flaunting mint? on a manjaro screenshot topic? well… it’s not technically titled Awesome August MANJARO Screenshots. still…

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This works for me:

    <RootMenu onroot="3">
            <Include>exec: xdgmenumaker -n -i -f jwm</Include>
            <Program icon="/usr/share/icons/Ultra Flat Orange/actions/scalable/exit.svg" label="Exit">oblogout</Program>


I added -n option to use menu without extra level of submenu:


Dual-booting mint 18 KDE beta.


Well Mint 18 is actually quite good, its actually really super stable on my system plus I love the cinnamon desktop too much


How do you get your terminal looking like that? showing stats


did my bit but somehow i am facing some silly error when i run jwm -p
What i was looking for is the same setup as below BUT a seperator below “help” and above “exit”

my jwm menu file

  1. install screenfetch
  2. open terminal and run screenfetch


a bit more learning and tinkering and after breaking everything last night.


Here you are:

  <RootMenu onroot="3">
    <Menu label="Help">
      <Menu label="Menu">
          <Include>exec: xdgmenumaker -n -i -f jwm</Include>
          <Program label="Exit">oblogout</Program>

I get it also, but it works. Also, you can run jwm -reload to update the menu. It gives no errors.

And especially for @badbodh I add a pony to my terminal :horse:


done !
thank you champ :slight_smile:
i had to copy default menu from /etc/skel and then edit with your last edits… !
whenever i am free, i will compare this with the pastebin link i had posted earlier to check where did the syntax go wrong !



wrong pony. Remove off-topic content.
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Just sudo pacman -S ponysay.


I don’t really mind the tag, as it is not my wallpaper, so credits go where credits are due.
Removing them is pretty easey with gimp though, especially since the background is black :wink:


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