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JWM is cool, but it is not tiling.


Okay, thanks. Does jwm have more customization than i3? I did a research, and notice that jwm has windows button and application menu while i3 doesn’t. What else do I need to know? I’m a guy that rely a lot on keyboard shortcut and menu type to search and launch. And I know whisker menu is something I might want inside them. Can I launch Xfce or lxde panel inside them? But like I said before, I want to customize a lot of keyboard shortcuts. So what would you choose if you’re in my position? Thanks again :slight_smile:


My Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” Cinnamon 64bit, still want to show off despite not being on Manjaro right now

Original pic:



if you rely mre on keyboard, customizing i3 should give you more flexibility. no window buttons or window title bars… just your customization of key binding you give…
i followed this colorful i3 customization and its awesome !

jwm is a beauty in its own way, but you need to edit menu everytime you install or change an app to show up… i3 dmenu just picks up ! [i use j4-dmenu-desktop, though]


There is a way to setup dynamic menu in jwm with additional menu generator, but it is not used by default.


clue to do that ? this is the only issue …
i am lazy to edit menu file everytime so use “gmrun” !


There is a package “manjaro-xdg-menu”, it was added to repos several weeks ago (or you can use “menugenerator” or “xdgmenumaker” from AUR).

If you use “manjaro-xdg-menu”, add this line to jwm menu file:
<Include>exec: xdg_menu --full --format jwm</Include>
and it will show xdg based menu at that portion of menu.
You can see an example with “xdgmenumaker” here:


Awesome. I think I’ll try i3 then. I think I’ll spend a lot of time on the scripting on the keybinding. Thanks for that link. Now I already have a i3blocks design I want in my head. :wink:


will look for your creativity champ:)
let me know if i should post mine so i can get it more polished !


@crazyg4merz Good introduction to manjaro-i3 and the basic functions here:


My i3 after i3blocks revamp…
now the disk free option works for all mounted volumes !


here is mine, its work in progress and using windows icons till I find something I really like.


Wait… Isn’t that KDE? :confused: I never knew that there was a dock for KDE. What’s it called?
Oh, and nice desktop.


Looks a lot like cairo-dock to me with (annoying) 3d cube icons :smiling_imp:


I am using Cairo-Dock…

I have two panels from Plasma Left and Right and cairo dock in the middle… :smiley:


What is the e on the bottom left?


Wow, that’s pretty cool. I never knew about Cairo Dock! :grinning:


You can also try plank or docky.


I didn’t think they worked in KDE, only in Gnome or XFCE. Wow, I am clearly not up to scratch when it comes to how desktop environments work.


the e is from the windows 10 fonts it launches my web browser