Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



Reading this thread actually made me want to go back to it, so I installed herbstluftwm, dug out the backups of my old configs and set it up again. Here it is in “show-off” mode, with multiple instances of Terminator doing various stuff…

I rarely actually use my computer like this… I do the occasional bit of Python scripting, and find my workflow in vim to be faster than with a GUI text editor, but I’m posting from Xfce right now.

Anyone else using herbstluftwm with Manjaro?

I never tried i3 or other tiling WM before beside Openbox. I’ll try i3 when I have time to tinker with it. Thanks :slight_smile:


its nice champ… more customized and easier workflow than OB… i felt so…


Will that something I don’t see people used. mc it a nice file manager. I remember using it back in the days I was using fluxbox. Using it to edit my menu config. Ooo how thing change though. :smile:


go old midnight commander. ultralightweight and make a great lightweight text editor too…


Hello! Fellow herbstluftwm user here! At least, I’m just getting into it and learning how it works with Manjaro. I really like how straightforward it is! I’m also using Xfce as my main, but tinker with hlwm.

Actually I made a thread where I asked if there are other herbstluftwm users on the forum: Anyone else using herbstluftwm with Manjaro?

Considering the lack of replies, I guess we’re few in the autumn breeze.


I have joined the Dark Side :smiley:

Desktop - 2 Monitors - 2560x1440 - 1920x1080





Suuupercool @dschelpe!


Looks great @rvc! :slight_smile:
@Holmes has really worked miracles on the popularity of JWM and demonstrated a beautifule and efficient it can be. Just a little while ago everybody would be saying “Joe what??” :smiley:


thank you maestro :slight_smile:
honestly, after test driving jwm, i felt its awesome and especially after watching customization by @Holmes
in the prev shots… am waiting for that !..
great job champs :slight_smile:


Kudos to @Holmes
When I moved to Linux last week I tried all the DE’s available and found that JWM was what I was looking for. Sure we have to edit some files, but its very easy and with the help of the docs and the awesome community, my machine purrs like a kitten now. :grin:


The Olympic gold medal 2016 for Desktop Design goes to @Holmes !! :laughing:


I second the above statements champs :slight_smile:


here is my current JWM :slight_smile:

Theme styled to match (nearest) to Adapta Nokto and “maia”

EDIT : changed Panel App Menu Icon :slight_smile:


It kind of sucks you in :wink: :smile: awesome!


Kinda reminds me the Twilight Zone don’t ask me why…
But as long as you like it :sweat_smile:


I officially gonna try one of the three tiling wm soon. Bspwm, jwm, i3 which one should I try first? I prefer having much customization options. Also want it to look super dope. Any link for me to getting started easy? You guys are making me jealous with these screenshots :smile:


orale carnal, firme. :+1:

makes me wanna jump in and roll with you… scratch that, I just jumped in, now where we going? HaHa! :sunglasses: truly awesome artwork

gosh I love our community :heart_eyes:


faithful fluxbox

all I use mostly, me bread & butter. :wrench:

was conflicted about which opacity level to use for oblogout, using the top right config (more pop. lights out!) :boom:

keep it fluxy for now…
[whisper] " j w m "… did you hear that? :smile:


Thank you. This is a great community.
I took the pic of an installation at The Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque New Mexico.
I think we’ll turn off at Española and take the high road to Taos Vato! :wink: