Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



after messing up with removal of gnome [accidently gd too] and chroot into the installation to instll slim, enable it and reset… here is my shot ! [of the slim log in screen and my i3]

thanks for viewing :slight_smile:


wow amazing…
so pretty login screen


really kewl


Formatted a machine for non-profit down the street.
Heres the admin[me] account desktop. Trying out a blueish look.

Icon Set = Numix-Circle + Custom Colors from “numix-folders” package
Theme = Numix-ArchBlue
Cursor = Breeze-Snow


And here is the ‘user’ side for them :disappointed_relieved:

Icons = windows10-icons
Theme = gtk-theme-windows10
Cursor = xcursor-ize-vision


thank you kowalski :slight_smile:


thanks lizzias… :slight_smile:


My 1st JWM shot [installed alongside budgie / openbox / i3 after i removed gnome] still wondering where to get the weather code for the default conky as in jwm edition ! help will be appreciable !

notice the start menu “M” thats also customized… working more to tweak more !


You forgot to put that one Manjaro wallpaper that looks like the default Windows 10 one :slight_smile:


Just couldnt bring myself to do it. :innocent:



At the end, with 16/9 screen, all on the left side isn’t such a bad idea ! :bulb:


current grub menu bg…


All on left side ! (& a little E-effect on the e-bar fly over :wink:)


Hey! What plugin do you use to display window buttons?


Just standart Xfce plugin with disabled text labels.


Ah, so it’s not launchers it’s already opened apps. Thanks :slight_smile:


There is standart launcher plugin also, I just don’t use it.


Yeah, but there will be two icons of an app then (launcher + launched window). so I preffer xfce4-dockbarx-plugin but its third-party-ishizm confuses me a little bit and I would like to have a native XFCE4 dockbar.


it looks like you are using the netbook edition of manjaro.
is this correct?