Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



…and another makes three! that’s it now I promise i will stop, well at least for this month.:innocent:



Do you have a link to the WP?


There you go!


Well… if you use it, show your screenshot - let’s have a look.:wink:


Fluxbox on Manjaro XFCE:

More Fluxbox:



@tuxsmart I love this wallpaper, but why doesn’t put both schreenshots at the same post?


@kouros17 Because the site will not allow newbies to post more than one picture per post!


Hi, I’m new to this forum but want to share my current desktop as well… :slight_smile:


Wallpaper here.


Nice one!:wink:




I’m using MATE desktop with my Faenza-Green icons, Maia cursor and a modified version of the “oomox-tixiz_dark” theme.

Also, can somebody explain WHY THE :point_right::ok_hand: ARE DOUBLE PANELS AND TOP PANELS SO DAMM COOL LOOKING IN LINUX?!


@rvc: NO, Thanks! Uggh! I’m not referring to the wallpaper, but to the website ( that’s hosting it. They won’t let me download anything without submitting to googlesyndication and googleanalytics javascript. Thank you, noscript. No, thank you


My KDE Breeze Desktop using Plank for a dock and this wallpaper.




Looks good with breeze icons!


Looks nice … but whats up with KDE always having a giant panel ? :performing_arts:


I could make it smaller but it looks fine to me. So I guess it’s old age at least for me.


Thank you.