Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



I used to have Office 2003 installed in my system too back in the days when I was still in college. It’s pretty stable using wine. But that doesn’t mean the icons in the screenshot is Ms Office, it could also be just Libreoffice with Ms Office icons. :wink:


Steamy September :sunglasses:

Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots

The topic is already there with Salacious September. Salacious September (2016) Screenshots


Maybe next year then.


Don’t you forget your word :slight_smile:


Whoops how is this topic still open???

Pretty much standard Gnome.


The new topic of 2017 is here:


It was supposed to be there but eyes no good, It is fine here.


We are all waiting to see what @Steve is going to do.


Manjaro KDE


You know this is the 2016 thread, don’t you?


My mistake. Sorry.




:laughing: Finally got it, hahaha good one.
Double hearts @kmartin


@fido - Errr August 2016 - did you enter a wormhole in the space-time dimension?


No you escaped :smiley:


and yes, august is past too :rofl:


A bugger the swear filter :smiley:


huh i was censored… good filter