Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



Todays i3 :slight_smile:



Nice one there. I’ve been building my i3 for 3 days already and haven’t even touch the i3blocks.conf yet. Spending 3 days just for the window rules and keybinding stuffs. :smile:
I’ll wait for the September topic to compete you. :wink:


great champ :slight_smile:
i know i will dig into your config and learn fro you ! :thumbsup:


Wait for it. Still need a lot of commits. You can look into it here:



:wink: :smile:


You found something that is a secret of me and the Manjaro team, Manjaro was named after me back then. Please keep it a secret :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome screenshot! Is this an original image of yours? If so, I wanna move there LOL


Inspired by Manjaro in Hieroglyphs

Please modify it if you like (and as you like).


Nice “Manjarowl”.


September Awesomeness, where are you??


Create one.


Okay, I’ll create it later if @tuxsmart doesn’t want to continue his topic. :slight_smile:


Salacious September?


Nice, I like it.
Do it!


Shabby September ?



What is the color preset of your terminal?


Hey how did you get microsoft office on there? I’m new sorry


It looks like they are using Windows10 icons … the office launchers up top could just be icons and not office… or they could be launchers to wine (for running wind0ze apps in linux) or … most likely, they are shortcuts to the free online office -


wine, winetricks and googling. Should be similar to